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A Sweet Savory Marinade of Funk, Soul, and Spice.


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Mr. Joe Bevens is back! 2 months ago

Mr. Joe Bevens is back in the Kitchen, layin down those extra spicy bass lines. We will reveal the other new ingredient in the coming days! For those who don't know, Joe is a Washington native... Read More

The newest member of the Bump Kitchen Family! 2 months ago

The newest chef in the Kitchen is official! We want to introduce, the incredible Mr. Glen Coberly on Keyboards!Glen began playing piano at the age of four, figuring out the melodies of what he heard... Read More

Our Brand New Website! 3 months ago

Wow, it's been a while since Bump Kitchen had a complete website remodel.  Actually, consider it a demo and new construction.Our previous WordPress website had a few drawbacks, and our Sax player... Read More



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